Chromium compounds and Trivalent Chrome

Oxkem Limited manufactures and supplies a wide range of Chromium salts. All our Chromium chemicals are produced through the reduction of high purity Chromium Trioxide in glass lined and titanium reactors. Oxkem’s products are manufactured to an extremely high purity with careful quality control at all stages of the process.

The specification for each of our Chromium products is listed below.

Chromium compounds can be used in a wide range of applications including the manufacture of catalysts, in various forms of surface treatment including passivation and also as cross-linking and polymerization agents. If you require more detailed information on the specifications or any aspect of our production please make an enquiry through our contacts page on the website.

Our materials can be packaged in 20 and 25 litre drums, 200 litre drums, 1000 litre IBC’s or in 26 tonne tankers.

Chromium Nitrate

Oxkem manufactures Chromium Nitrate and Chromium Hydroxy Nitrate. The main uses for these materials are in surface treatment and the production of catalysts. Oxkem’s nitrates contain extremely low levels of organic residue due to our specialized manufacturing process. Please click on the products listed below for the specification.

Chromium Nitrate 35%

Chromium Nitrate 40%

Chromium Nitrate 74%

Chromium Hydroxy Nitrate

Chromium Acetate

Oxkem is a large producer of Chromium Acetate and Chromium Hydroxy Acetate. The main uses for these are in dyes and the production of catalysts. Please click on the products listed below for the specification.

Another major application for Chromium Acetate is as a catalyst in cross-linking. Oxkem is able to supply all its grades of acetate as a powder if required. Ths particularly useful for uses in non-aqueous media and where specifications require a very high concentration.

Chromium Acetate

Chromium Hydroxy Acetate

Chromium Acetate Powder

Chromium Acetate Basic Powder

Chromium Acetate High Acetate - Please call us to discuss your requirement for this product

Chromium Chloride

Oxkem produces three different Chlorides. These include Chromium Trichloride, Chromium Hydroxy Chloride as well as Chromium Hydroxy Chloride Powder. Chromium Chloride and Hydroxy Chloride are used in surface treatment. Chromium Chloride can also be used in the manufacture of halogen exchange catalysts. Chromium Hydroxy Chloride is used in the production of fatty acid complexes. Please click on the products listed below for the specification.

Chromium Chloride

Chromium Hydroxy Chloride

Chromium Hydroxy Chloride Powder

Chromium Sulphate

Oxkem manufacturers Chromium Sulphate and Chromium Hydroxy Sulphate. These two varieties are often used in surface treatments. Please click on the products listed below for the specification.

Chromium Sulphate 8.5%

Chromium Sulphate 40%

Chromium Hydroxy Sulphate

Chromium Citrates

Chromium Citrate Solution

Chromium Citrate Solution Neutralised

Chromium Oxalate

Chromium Oxalate Solution

Chromium Phosphates

Chromium Phosphate

Chromium Hydroxy Phosphate

Chromium Others

Chromium Glycollate

Chromium Propionate

Chromium Hydroxy Chloro Carboxylic Acid Complexes - Please call for details +44 (0) 118 952 2929

Chrome Alum