Vanadium Compounds

Manufactured in Reading since in 1913

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Vanadium Compounds

Oxkem manufactures a range of vanadium compounds for use in the manufacture of batteries, catalysts, pigments and surface treatments. Notably, Oxkem is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of vanadium sulphate, which serves as the electrolyte in vanadium redox flow batteries and surface treatments.

Our customers rate Oxkem’s electrolyte for batteries and vanadium sulphate for surface treatments as the gold standard. We can adapt product specifications to each customer’s particular needs, and our current production capacity for both electrolyte and vanadium sulphate is in excess of four million litres per year.

Our production method for vanadium sulphate employs electrolytic reduction from high purity V5+. The resulting product is far purer than electrolyte manufactured by simple mixing or with the use of traditional chemical reducing agents. Our sulphates/electrolytes contain no residues of reducing agents, and the process removes a significant amount of the trace element impurities that can cause degradation in a battery.

Our vanadium compounds can be packaged in 20, 25 or 200-litre drums, 1,000-litre IBC’s or 26-tonne lined tankers.

Chromium III Chemicals have been manufactured in Reading for nearly 100 years. The business started in 1913 producing Guignets Green, for use as a pigment in paints.

In 1993 the business was sold to OXKEM, a privately owned, independent chemical company. OXKEM has increased its range of chemicals and now produces organic and inorganic metal salts which are used in areas as diverse as agriculture, catalysts, ceramics, electronics, leather, pigments and dyes, surface treatment, paper, textiles and university research.

The Company has steadily grown and, as well as having a strong presence in the UK market, it also exports to all areas of the world.